Media Poop Shoot

Hello, all my people, and welcome to the M. Andrew Jones Media Poop Shoot! You may remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and the wonderful fictional site created for that film: - a site with the inside scoop on the movie industry. Like its fictional inspiration, this site has the inside scoop on all my favorite media nuggets, with maybe a line or two about the content. Enjoy!



How Big Oil Conquered the World - Jame Corbett tells us about Standard Oil, the Rockerfellers, and their legacies. 

I, Pet Goat II - by Heliofant. I, Pet Goat was the book George Bush Jr. was reading when the twin towers were hit in 9/11, so this video is a bit of a reply to the events of that day.

Fuck Shit Stack - by Reggie Watts.

Why Big Oil Conquered the World - Part II of How Big Oil Conquered the World.



Shoe0nHead - Noteworthy cringe at 480p.

Stormclouds Gathering - 

Suspicious0bservers - Are you tired of people screaming "Science! Believe!" without actually giving you any science? Same. And now that I've seen the science, I ignore the hysteria.

Wash Your Brain - A series of inspirational conspiracy videos. Seriously. Be free, brothers and sisters!

Peladophobian - Because everything is Illuminati!



Congressional Dish - Jen Briney. Jen reads and discusses every bill passed by the U.S. Senate, and when the work is slow, Jen explores other aspects of the U.S. Federal Government.

Grimerica - Darren and Graham. Grimerica discuss fringe topics first by themselves, and then with whatever interesting people they can find. Calm and reflective, this is not your average screaming conspiracy podcast.

The Higherside Chats - Greg Carlwood. Worth it for the intros alone, Greg Carlwood gets some of the top names in fringe research to dish their dirt. There's an extra five hours of content a month for a mere $5.

The Joe Rogan Experience - Joe Rogan

No Agenda - Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. Thanks to their Value for Value model, John and Adam can say anything they want without having to worry about their sponsors - which makes them the perfect media assassins!

Occulture - Ryan Peverly

School Sucks Podcast - Bret Veinotte


SITES - Kurtis Richard Kallenbach is convinced there is little real separation between church and state, and after hearing him out, I too am convinced! If you like Jordan Maxwell, you'll love this.



Ghosts of the Desert - Ryan Ireland. A fiction, this book is bleak and dark from the beginning, but I dared not set it down thanks to it's incredible quality. The prose is beautiful and the ending so perfect that I found myself dazzled. One of the best fictions I've read in years, it is NOT for the faint of heart.  

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos - Jordan B. Peterson. Is life difficult and full of sorrow? Yes. But we are meant to be strong and do great works. This book will help make you strong that you can engage the chaos of life in a meaningful way.

The Alphabet Vs. The Goddess - Leonard Schlain. A book about the history of written language, what it has given us, and what it cost. A riveting read.