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Hello and welcome to the home of my writings! There is short fiction, poems, reviews — even a book!

There is also my long project, a trilogy called The Last Journeys, about a noble man with a posse of twelve that pursues a thief through foreign lands — and now that he has left the duchy, he finds himself in rising waters. Adventure ensues!

Short Pieces is a mix of poetry, short stories, and other odds and ends.

Reviews is where I rant about popular art, and Controversy is where I rant about unpopular politics — so beware. It just gets murkier and more depressing the deeper you go.


— M. Andrew Jones

A Short Six Months later…

Salutations! I apologize for my long absence. Although I have not posted in some months, I’ve been working hard on the book. I’ve downloaded the first five chapters in their current version. You can find them under THE LAST JOURNEYS button. Also, I’ve deleted the last fifteen chapters from the website. Sorry to say it, but this was always the plan. You snooze, you lose. Now that it’s almost complete, I’m asking everyone to buy the book and help support my art. If not, who knows, maybe someone archived it on the way back machine. After all, nothing on the internet ever dies…

hugs and kisses,

M. Andrew Jones - July 5, 2019

Happy New Year!

2019 is here, and I have big plans! The first thing I intend to do is to get Children of the Broken Moon published! I’m going to self publish, and hope to sell a thousand copies by year’s end! I’d also like to double the number of sales for The Story of Number (can we hit 500?!)… here’s to hoping… Still, it’s in writing, so we’ve set a bar and given ourselves a goal!

The website will be changing soon. I plan to tighten it up once the book is in print. Most of the book will disappear from the site, so read it while you can! It couldn’t be free forever!


M. Andrew Jones — January 4, 2019

Polish, polish, polish…

The latest polish is finished for Children of the Broken Moon. It was mostly minor changes, just tightening up and making the story flow better. Next week, I may or may not post. With the holidays before me, I may just take a bit of a break until the new year. I’m hoping to have some physical publishing plans for the book sometime in January… How ever it goes down, I’ll let you know what I decide.

Still waiting for my first contact! Be the first person to tell me how bad my writing is!


M. Andrew Jones - November 15, 2018

Chapter 20: A Day in Court

This week we have the last chapter of the first book! Children of the Broken Moon is finally complete! I won’t say anymore about it so I don’t ruin any surprises, but I will say there is much more to come! Book two, A Bit of Holiday, is coming together. The first draft is just about finished, and the first half of the book is showing some heavy polish. With luck, I’ll start publishing it on this site at the beginning of next year.

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. I’ve also polished chapter 7-13 this week. I should be done with the current polish by next week — and that’s likely all you’ll get from me.

All my love,

M. Andrew Jones — November 8, 2018

Touch Ups

This week, I polished the first six chapters of Last Journeys. I also submitted a letter to a publisher. I’ll include the letter here. I touched up the site a bit and generally cleaned things up — but nothing big. Next week is the final chapter of Children of the Broken Moon! Then, I’m taking a bit of a break to try and straighten things out until the end of the year! I’ve been working in the second book, and think I might start posting chapters as early as January… we’ll see. I’m considering a few different things…

All my love,

M. Andrew Jones - November 2, 2018

Chapter 19: Mixed Company — the penultimate chapter!

After the intense action of chapter 18, the story slows down for a bit as politicking takes center stage. There is plenty of reason to band together, but a lot of agendas are on the table. There are plenty of reasons for animosity and betrayal among our mixed company...

There is only more chapter before book 1 draws to a close — but there is still plenty of adventure on the way as I am currently working to finish book 2: A Bit of Holiday. I am currently considering publishing options… I’ll let know what I decide, but I’m thinking I’ll first release it as an episodic. We’ll see.

A short note today! I’m still working hard and have some exciting stuff to show you — but for now, we are only working to finish this first book!


M. Andrew Jones - October 26, 2018

Chapter 17 a week late and Chapter 18 a week early!

I want to apologize for missing last week. I was unable to post even after promising to do so on twitter. It just goes to show one should never promise anything on the tweeters… To make up for the blunder, I am giving you chapter 18 a week early! I know this is supposed to be an off week, but I have not bothered to prepare any non-book related writings. I’m happy to say most of my work over the last month or so has been almost exclusively in book 2 of the Last Journeys series: A Bit of Holiday, which I am happy to say is wrapping up nicely. This means there will be no other post this week. =/

Chapter 17: Seal of the Disciple sees Wenifas confronted for crimes against Fedring; while Chapter 18: A Crush of Blades and Malice sees the entire camp thrown into disarray! Although Seal of the Disciple is an action-packed thriller and pays off a lot of what has been set up in previous chapters, A Crush of Blades and Malice is THE long chapter of the book, and sees no end of changes for our heroes and villains. Indeed several very important cast members will not survive this chapter!

Enough hints and allegations! The chapters are live! But I should tell you one last thing: since I am giving you chapter 18 a week early, I may not be posting at all next week — we shall see how I feel… It’s good to be King!

Yours truly,

M. Andrew Jones - October 10, 2018

The Book Of Acad

Hello everyone!

Today I’ve added the Book of Acad, a bit if scripture I wrote as reference to Children of the Broken Moon, and also to try my hand at writing such a stylized and mythological text. I’ve placed it at the end of the book if you want to find it among the buttons, or simply take the hyperlink above…

Also, I recently reworked chapter two so that if flows better and doesn’t have quite so many names.

We only have 4 more chapters before the book is complete! Hazzah!

Love and light,

M. Andrew Jones - September 28, 2018

Chapter 16: Dandifrod of the Emberwood Trust and A Call to Arts

I missed posting last week, and so although I’m early this week, I have two posts for you. The first is an opinion piece about religion and the need for art. It is under the controversy button! The second post is chapter 16 of Last Journeys. Dandifrod of the Emberwood Trust sees Creigal fully healed of his sickness, but now surrounded by enemies. Still, he has his alias to protect him — or does he? Creigal is forced to play politics as he hopes to escape Camp Calderhal intact. As is always the case, his enemies prove to know more than they’re letting on…

There are only four more chapters left in the first book! As the pace increases, the bodies begin to pile once more! Catch all the latest action under The Last Journeys button!


M. Andrew Jones - September 19, 2018

Chapter 15: Needle Work

Once again, The Last Journeys of Creigal berDuvante take center stage as we edge closer to the dramatic finale of the first book (only five chapters left!).

In this chapter, an angry Fedring proves to our valiant hero, Krumpus, that no good deed goes unpunished! Will torture prove too much for the shaman? Will he reveal Meu's secrets? There's only one way to find out!

This chapter was inspired by a dream I had in which I suffered a punishment very similar to the one suffered by Krumpus. Needless to say, it was not the happiest of dreams... Still, I hope it makes for a good read!

Also, I polished up the introduction to make it that much more irresistible!

All my love!

M. Andrew Jones - September 6, 2018

Another New Button?!

In the last two weeks, we've gone from five buttons to seven, and I couldn't be happier! This week, I am adding the "controversy" button where I will post political and religious writings that some may find controversial. Although a few of my friends and family have encouraged me not to do such writing, so my fiction might not suffer from the "edginess" of my unpopular opinions, I've decided I'd rather have a few hundred rabid fans then a million lukewarm-almost-fans-if-only-my-books-were-a-little-more-like-Harry-Potter...

This week's writing is about insurance! I take this oh-so-beloved and necessary institution to task for the waste that it is! You'll find the full article by pressing the controversy button! Hazzah! An for those of you that love to push buttons, here's yet another one that might just tickle your fancy!

Much love!

M. Andrew Jones - August 30, 2018


Chapter 14 - and a new BUY button?!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today we have two wonderful developments! First is the new BUY button where you can purchase my book, The Story of Number! This fine product, written and illustrated by yours truly, is a poetic and philosophic examination of language, religion, magic and the occult that aims to prove you are the center of everything! A short read at 64 pages, it is set in a the simple framework of number (1-0, just like your keypad)! Purchase because you care - and because it is brilliant! This book has a beautiful new cover by Mark Gonyea (thanks, Mark!). If you prefer, I also have some of the original cover left (which is not quite as fanciful). Get 'em while you can!

Also, we have Chapter 14 of Children of the Broken Moon, a fine chapter called The Mute and the Cellmate, in which we return to Krumpus as he is locked away under the stone tower. Creigal is brought to the shaman, and Celt hopes Krumpus will teach the surgeons of Minist a more effective way to heal the sweet rot of the waokie. As is usually the case, all does not go as planned!

Only five more chapters left before the grand finale! And oh-what-a-finish it is!

Love and light, hookers (and the rest of you)!

M. Andrew Jones - August 20, 2018


Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and much more!

First, I'd like to apologize for being absent so long. I posted chapter 12 on time, but did not bother to tell you about it. Then, last week, I was too busy to post anything at all - but this week I've tried to make up for it! Not only did I post chapter 13 (on time - I might add), I also posted deleted scenes from A Bit of Holiday as I'd promised. You can find it in SHORT PIECES under the title Kill your Darlings.

Not only did I post that piece, I also posted two short poems (Ode to Red Shirt [a tribute to Star Trek] and Land of the Free), and posted a new version of The Way It Was (now titled Future Passed).

Back to Children of the Broken Moon... Chapter 13: The Faithful Duties of the Corpus Majoris follows Wenifas as she is confronted by Fedring, my favorite villain of this book! This chapter is downright creepy as Fedring has all the power in this relationship - and none of the scruples (which belong to Wenifas). Tension continues to build, and there are only seven chapters left until Children of the Broken Moon reaches its shocking conclusion! Be the first to read all the action - and for free (for now...)!

Next week, I hope to add a new button to the front page (oh the humanity!). It's gonna be big!

Thank you for your courage! Love and light!

M. Andrew Jones - August 6, 2018

An Open Letter to Greg Carlwood

Today, I'm talking sirens at the host of the premiere conspiracy podcast, The Higherside Chats! Podcasts?! You say... Didn't we talk podcasts a couple weeks ago?! Yes we did! I told you I love them, and now that it's an open secret, I mean to talk about it!

If you're not interested in conspiracy (and I can see why you wouldn't be...) I'll have another chapter of Children of the Broken Moon next week, and after that, I'll give you a scene from book 2 - A Bit of Holiday - that isn't going to happen!

Oh joy! Spoilers!

I love you all and hope this finds you well. The Carlwood piece is in the reviews...

M. Andrew Jones - July 17, 2018



Chapter 11: The Kites Of Gaurring

First, I want to say, thanks for giving me a little time off over the holiday. Happy 4th of July, America!

We return once more to Creigal and his men as they continue east, toward Hearthstone. Cautious and curious about his new charges, Toar begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding Creigal and his two guards, as Creigal's health continues to decline.

Healed by the young Trohl, Baet takes Toar under his wing. No longer at odds, Toar and Baet become fast friends. 

This chapter is one of the longer ones, clocking in over 7000 words! Although there is little action, there is a world of explanation and exposition as we start to unveil some of the secrets surrounding Creigal and his last two guards.


M. Andrew Jones - July 9, 2018

A Love Letter to Podcasts

Hello everyone! Today we have a letter written to my favorite new media and all the titles I so dearly love! From the largest to the least, I'm big on podcasting, and I'm gonna tell you all about it! Check out this letter in the review section, and as always, thank you for joining us!

M. Andrew Jones - June 26, 2018

Chapter 10: Loyal Servants of the Empire

This week, we get a look at the Ministrian Empire from the eyes of Ministrians. Derris hunts for Meu in the woods about Camp Calderhal. His confrontation with the serpent brings about a crisis of faith. Unsure of everything, Derris enlists the help of the priestess, Wenifas to soothe his fears. Feeling trapped, the two consider their place in the world and wonder how things might be different.

Thanks to clashing ideologies and a heavy dependence on dialogue, this is one of my favorite chapters. I loved writing characters that were openly antagonistic, and yet, completely willing to cooperate in a kind manner. Instead of letting their differences cause contention, Meu, Derris, and Wenifas find themselves fascinated by the strangeness of others.

Although they were late additions to the book, Derris and Wenifas quickly became two of my favorite characters. I feel Wenifas in particular is a strong character and is the star of the second half of the book. Although Derris brings her into the book, she takes a more central roll, thanks to her proximity to the villain, Fedring.

Yet, I say too much! I hope you like this newest chapter!

M. Andrew Jones - June 19, 2018

The Way It Was

Today we have a poem about aliens, government, and the hypocrisy of men in these strange and troubling times! This poem formed out of two lists I made, the first was a list of insults I've recorded from the internets - strange words we call each other and that our parents likely wouldn't understand. The second was a list of aliens, those used in stories and movies as well as those that are claimed to be real by some. I mixed in some government and religion because I have bad habits and can't leave out my favorite subjects in such a sweeping poem.

I had a hard time figuring out how to end it and originally used a non sequitor concerning girls and alcohol. Although it fit the mood of the piece, the thin focus on drugs and women clashed heavily with the messy broad exploration of society's greater concerns. It took some time to narrow the piece into an individual voice while still concerning itself with the troubles of the world. In the end, I feel like it works as an exploration of these strange times and brings some levity to otherwise heavy, depressing topics. Anyway, I hope you like it!


M. Andrew Jones - June 15, 2018

Chapter 9: A Proficient Hand

Hello my beautiful readers!

I apologize for not giving you anything this last week, or the week between chapters 7 and 8, but I am busy with so very many other things and haven't had the time to write outside the novel. I promise to have something next week - a poem about the craziness of the modern world, and how I deal with it (it is rather tongue in cheek). I am happy to announce I finished yet another polish of the first book, and am now going through the second book once again! Huzzah!

On to chapter 9... A Proficient Hand introduces Toar, a discontent Trohl, as he saves Creigal, Carringten, and Baet from a rabble of angry bugbear. With someone that knows the lay of the land, Duke Creigal and his men continue east toward Hearthstone - and suffer as they go. Chapter 9 is the longest to date at 6,452 words. I am sure you will love it!


M. Andrew Jones - June 5, 2018

Sabbatical and Chapter 8: A Beast of Wing and Fury!

I hope you don't mind, I took a week off, but I'm back with another chapter of FCotMM - A Beast of Wing and Fury!

As you might guess, Chapter 8 sees things mostly from Meu's perspective as she is carried away by the Corpus Majoris, Fedring. Will she be able to rescue Krumpus - or even herself for that matter?

Also, I should note, all the chapters have received additional polishing - some drastically. You may have noticed that it is no longer Banifourd in the alley, but Garf that receives the beating in chapter 6. I liked having Banifourd take a beating, but the change is for the best I think. Banifourd will have to wait for a bit of comeuppance.

Until next week!

M. Andrew Jones - May 22, 2018

Chapter 7: A Captive Audience

Today, we return to Krumpus and Meu as they are approached by Ministrians in Saot garb. As the title implies, Krumpus is in for a hard time, but he has an ally in Meu, as she hides in plain sight.

At the end of the chapter, we return to Creigal, Baet, and Carringten as they consider their options.

This chapter is a bit longer at 3,795 words. From here on out, the chapters tend to get longer as the story becomes more involved. There are also more internal chapter breaks as we revolve between different characters. Anyway, I hope y'all like this installment, and we'll see you in a week!


M. Andrew Jones - May 8, 2018


How to Count and The Big Story

Today I posted two short pieces, How to Count and The Big Story. How to Count is an old poem I wrote when I studied numerology. I was consumed by the question, what is the story told by number? - a theme I eventually turned into my second book, aptly named The Story of Number.

The Big Story is a fictionalized news-cast where several news anchors investigate the big story coming out of Washington DC, a surprising lack of any sort of scandal.

Both works are about a thousand words long.

I am currently working on a comments section, so the peanut gallery can chime in and share their views of my. Until then, feel free to email your thoughts. critiques, and compliments.

Thank you for your time!

M. Andrew Jones - May 1, 2018

Chapter 6: Strained Relationships

Hello my pretties!

Today, we have chapter 6 of Fallen Children of the Mother Moon. In it, things go south as we return to Baet and Pearl. First, we get a little history concerning Baet's weapon, Thunder Maker, then Baet discovers things are not as they seem, as his adventure in Wibbeley draws to a close.

This chapter clocks in at a cool 3,286 words. Recently, I was looking at word counts, and I can assure you the chapters only get longer until chapter 18, the penultimate scene, which has over 10,000 words(!). Of course, we have some time before we get there... Until then, here's Baet getting himself into more trouble. Will he survive, that he might correct his ways, or will it finally be too much for our young hero?


M. Andrew Jones - April 24, 2018

Review - In Defense of Madonna

With someone as famous as Madonna, everyone is bound to have an opinion. My personal feelings about the controversial star are somewhat mixed, but mostly positive - so long as I am only attending her art, and not the ways in which it has mixed with my own personal dramas. 

Although I am not a flat-earther, I do admit some rather unpopular views, and so the secondary title of this article is a bit tongue in cheek. I hope you don't mind if I stretch the bounds of credulity, but we are speaking of Madonna. If now is not the proper time, there is and never will be one.

Next week I release chapter six - and it will also be the debut of an entirely new section - one I tease in my "about". For those that know me personally, this may be very intriguing, as the new section will be about names, identity, and the law. This is easily my most personal and daring work to date!

M. Andrew Jones - April 20, 2018

Chapter 5: Meu

Hello, lovelies!

Chapter 5 of Lost Children of the Mother Moon is live! We return to the Bunderhilt mountains as Krumpus engages with the basilisk only to find that things are not as they appear. Also, his sister suffers a dark spell and heads west to find her brother, bound to help. Will she arrive in time?

This is another short one at 2,285 words. For this reason, I also give you a new button with a couple short pieces. These are meant to be less than 500 words, but I often miss the mark. Still, aiming for such a tight short story does keep them from becoming books of their own. Since it is a new button, I give you two pieces: a poem I wrote most recently, and a story inspired by the one and only John C. Dvorak of No Agenda. I hope you like them!


M. Andrew Jones - April 9, 2018


Instead of continuing to publish one chapter every two weeks, I've decided to simply post the entire book and let you all have at it immediately! This will save me from having to do individual posts and will allow me to concentrate on reviews instead! I'm very excited about this, especially since I haven't had the time to even write a review this week as I've been putting a bit of polish on the early chapters once more.


I am not releasing the full book, as it is the one thing I have managed to work on - but the rest of it is all true. I do not have a review for you this week as all my writing time was spent polishing (mostly chapter 1 - since I made the Marik-Haddelton switch). I have new word counts for the first four chapters: Chapter 1 - 4208 words, Chapter 2 - 2428 words, Chapter 3 - 4770 words, Chapter 4 - 3321 words.

Until next time!

M. Andrew Jones - April 3, 2018

Chapter 4: Plan B

Things continue to go sideways for Baet as Plan B proves to be no plan at all. This chapter follows Baet through Wibbeley (I'd say through the seedier side of town, but Wibbeley in general tends to be a pretty seedy place) as he contemplates his circumstance and plots to catch Humbert all alone.

Nothing goes as is planned. Baet continues to avoid Banifourd and Garf but finds himself in a delicate situation nonetheless, thanks to an unwitting ally with her own agenda. Can Baet avoid the sort of temptation that has caused him so much trouble in the past, or will he find himself sinking deeper into the morass?

This chapter is 3,807 words long and puts a bit of pulp into the fiction.

Happy Reading!

M. Andrew Jones - March 27, 2018

Intro and Dramatis Personae

Hi everyone! For today's extra, I have a 600 word introduction that helps set the stage, and a dramatis personae for the first three chapters. I will continue to add to the list of characters as I add new chapters. For now, you'll have a list of everyone you know, and a bite sized description of their place in the story.

I still mean to do a glossary... and also a map! I've been working on a map, but my cartography is wanting. Maybe I'll wait until there's $50 committed on patreon.com or something... Speaking of patreon.com, a friend of mine asked if I might make a D&D module based in this world of high fantasy - and I have to say - I'm considering it. I would have to do some RPG research, but I don't think it's out of the realm of the possible. If there is enough interest, maybe I will... More of this to come as I dwell on the issue.

So that's it for today - no review. I will have something else not related to the book in two weeks. Until then, its three weeks of book additions in a row for ya!

M. Andrew Jones - March 20, 2018


Chapter 3: A Leisurely Day in a Foreign City

Chapter 3 is now live! It is the longest chapter so far at 4,745 words and follows Baet as he is ordered into Wibbeley to see if he can't find word of Humbert. As Baet makes his way in the city, Carringten and Creigal also consider their alternatives, now that the escort is dead and scattered.

The chapters are now separated! Chapter 3 can be found using the "book 1 contents", or by clicking the "read more" button below.

Also, I did a bit of editing in chapter 1. If you note the differences, let me know if you like 'em...

Happy Reading!

M. Andrew Jones - March 13, 2018

The Garden Evangelist

- a review of Back to Eden, a gardening documentary by Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz.

I used to think gardening was hard, until I discovered the methods of Paul Gauschi. I am sad to say my current living conditions leave me wanting a space to garden, but a few years ago, when I did have space, I used Paul's methods for several years, and often caught myself just sitting in the backyard, enjoying the view of my small success.

Back to Eden is a slow and beautiful film centered around Paul's beautiful garden and the people it attracts. It is simple, straightforward - with a decidedly religious bend – but I feel this only adds character to the film.

Does it bother me that Paul Gauschi quotes the Bible, or that this film has such an overt...

Chapter 2: Concerning the Flora and Fauna of the Bunderhilt Mountains

Hello everyone! Chapter 2 of Fallen Children of the Mother Moon is now live! You can find it by scrolling down past chapter 1 for now. I will work on creating shortcuts, otherwise this could be a problem as we get deep into the work (bare with me - I'm new to website design).

Concerning the Flora and Fauna takes us away from Creigal as we step through Trohl lands and meet another major character of the trilogy. It is a bit heavy on exposition, and so I kept the chapter short: a cool 2,445 words. Chapter 3 will see us once more with Baet and Creigal, but for now, let me introduce Krumpus, a Jindleyak shaman, as he returns to a land he once knew and finds that it is not as he remembered it.

Happy reading!

M. Andrew Jones - February 27, 2018

Stories Within Stories

 - a review of S. Morgenstern's classic tale of high adventure and romance, The Princess Bride, abridged by William Goldman.

I was very excited to pick up this book. It'd been a long time since I'd seen the movie, one that I've watched repeatedly, and I loved the idea of visiting Wesley and Buttercup in written form. The movie is a modern classic. I wondered if the book could possibly prove the old maxim, 'the book is always better'. Expectations were high as I picked up a copy of the thirtieth anniversary. I rolled the book in my hand, astonished by it's unexpected thickness, and began with the forward.

This book didn't have one forward, but several. I imagine in another five years, it might have another, and even a second chapter of Buttercup's Baby! The thing seems to be growing!

Chapter 1: Thunder Maker

Here it is! The beginning of book one is live! 

Thunder Maker clocks in at 4,250 glorious words and is chalk full of action! Shortly, I will include both a dramatis personae and a glossary for easy reference. I do apologize for all the names, but an important man like Duke Creigal would have no end of associations. Do not fret! The names thin quickly!

To read chapter one, simply scroll down and you are sure to find it! May you find it to your liking!

M. Andrew Jones - February 13, 2018

Introduction - My 5ense

Hello and welcome to mandrewjones.com! The Last Journeys Of Creigal berDuvante is an epic high fantasy trilogy made up of Fallen Children of the Mother Moon, A Bit of Holiday, and The Dreadlord Lasitus! Starting next week, I will release a chapter of the first book every two weeks until it is complete! There are twenty chapters, and so the last chapter will be released sometime in November (if everything goes as planned...)!

Once the first book is fully released, we will see where things stand. Adjustments may be necessary, but I promise to continue writing for you, so long as you support me. I am currently about halfway through writing the second book and have a rough outline for the third. I plan to publish the second book the moment it is ready, and not a moment before! Still, I want to start releasing. Here are my reasons: