An Open Letter To Greg Carlwood

Re: All the Siren Sightings of Late


I was talking to a friend of mine who is - for lack of a better term - woke AF. We were discussing "conspiratorial" topics and I mentioned a theory that when Jesus walks on the water, he's metaphorically walking above the seas of admiralty law. I believe you may have heard this sort of theory: that the governments of the world operate under admiralty law, with a thin veneer of common law for window-dressing (to appease the peasants). It's the sort of stuff you'll get from Jordan Maxwell, Kate of Gaia, Agenda 31, Judge Anna von Reitz or my current favorite: Kurtis Richard Kallenbach. Some of them allege the bible is full of allusions to this conspiracy - and I handily agree.

Jesus walking the seas of man's law? My friend said it was an apt metaphor. He asked how many people can navigate the court system in any meaningful way without a lawyer? How many would dare? The waters of law run deep and are full of sharks. We should fear it, and be careful in our tiny ships to remember the mark of things are not the things themselves.

As he said this, my eyes went wide, "these are the waters where all the sirens live..." I noted.

Classically, sirens sit upon dangerous rocks in the ocean and lure men to their deaths with the promise of sex. The sailors either drive their ships into the perilous rocks, or jump overboard and find themselves attacked instead of greeted. Then, the siren's feast upon the bloated corpses of the drowned sailors. To heed their call is always insanity. I noted to my friend that we seem to be witnessing a steep increase in sensationalism and senselessness in popular culture, where few of us know much of anything about how the government actually works, but feel obliged to argue vehemently about the Next Top President. We change our icons and hash all the right tags while we scream into the vacuum of cyberspace about the pet issue of the hour. But we can't name the county sheriff. We clutch our pearls and demand someone else do something about all the things that aren't really our problems in the first place. Sounds like the siren's call is distracting us from the important stuff, the rocks and reefs of real conspiracy that truly threaten to cut the bottoms out from under us - and more importantly, what good people can actually do about it. We are drawn to the maddening song as the merfolk beg us to dash ourselves upon the rocks of our own hypocrisy. I asked my friend what he'd advise to those wishing to turn their ship and avoid these flesh-eating monsters. He said, "spread love, and don't take no shit."

I told you he's woke AF - but perhaps a bit too succinct.

My solution is a little more long-winded. I say each of us must work, study, and play to our strengths and interests. We must also cheer on others as they succeed along their own paths, and care not for the different approaches they use. It's going to take millions of people doing a million different things to solve the world's problems and bring about peace. You alone do not have to feed the young and poor, end all pollution, confront all corruption, or comfort all victims. You do not have to defeat common core, or tackle the political circus of Washington D.C. all by your lonesome. You do not have to take on the world's militaries or their generals. What you must do is simply be the best you that you can in the best way you know how - and let the chips fall where they may.

If you don't want to, fine. Sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of us fix things. But stop with the whining - it sounds just like the sirens and its driving me mad. Beside, it's you, and not I, that swims close to the peril. Our enemies have harnessed the siren's song and hope to drive us mad. America is suffering first and foremost from psychological attack. Like the sirens, our enemies promise us everything. But they only want to eat us. Don't let them get you. Avoid your own destruction. Stuff your ears, and remember the motto of these beasts: 'divide and conquer'. If they want to divide and conquer us, then we win by promoting community and freedom. Let others have their quirks and strange beliefs, that you might have yours. Bad thoughts and words count for nothing if the actions are pure.

I, for one, have hope. I feel the tide is turning. I think many of us can see the sirens upon their rocks and hear the insanity in their song. We see the danger. We're turning our boats. And we're helping others turn theirs too.

Stay sane, good people, and thank you for your courage.


M. Andrew Jones
Baron of America's Mountain