Future Passed

You should have seen it!
There were aliens, and wars galore!
Famines, floods, and terrible diseases!
We flew through the sky,
and skimmed across oceans!
Some say we went to the moon!
Some say we only made movies
of such impossible tasks.

We had thinking machines
that lacked all emotion.
So we fed 'em our relationships
and too often used them to make our choices.
These computers were surprisingly swift
and yet hopelessly daft
(though they could beat us at chess).
We shared everything with them,
even though they spied on us -
so many never minded.

We informed, amused, and connected ourselves
through Skynet.
social media made us anti-social.
We savaged those we'll never know as newbies,
libtards, nazis, snowflake, alt-right,
patriarchy, soyboy, commie, radfem,
cis-het, cuck, fascist, terf, normies -
we made every label an insult!
and wondered why our off-line relationships
suffered in the real world.

Government -
ah that complex byzantine monstrosity -
when not the single mind!
It took over the world and consigned us to
ten thousand impossible laws with
no end of corruption - and enlightenment -
born in the hearts of men
of this potent mix!
They claimed separation of church and state -
though it is impossible to remove the mind
or the soul from the simplest equation.

Religion salved the masses and
kept them in shackles -
yet others used it to find the key
to unfetter their invisible chains -
for they found the righteous path lies inward.

Vast conspiracies came to light.
Titans among men fell as
new powers surfaced, and
the world was made once again
 in the split image of man.

And did I mention the aliens?!
So many aliens! Greyliens,
Polediens, Xenomorphs, Lyrans, Vulcans,
Klingons, Annunaki, Reptilians, Ewoks,
Gungans, buggers, piggies, Martians, Time-lords,
The Borg, The Sheen, Cylons, Pscyhlons,
Andromedans, Blue Avians, Tall Blondes...
Some are mere children's toys,
the small ambitions of would-be world-builders.
Others are real - I swear it!
They slink about, shape-shift,
and too often hide in false light
as they fed on our smaller emotions.
I don't know that I ever met a one -
though I assume I have.

There are the saint angels too!
Dressed as men they traipse
 along the streets unseen.
And revealed themselves
to the spiritually clean.

I admit, much of this is hear-say -
words whispered between intimate friends as
I dropped by with a plate of nachos,
another round of PBRs and a check
for my services - all the while
I eavesdrop on matters that do not concern me.
Yet, I live here too,
in this strange world,
so much of it unseen, unknown.
I do not to listen to the idiocy of others
as they explain the body-snatchers
have programmed the Manchurian candidates
to take over the other guy's party -
never to see the hypocrisy
harbored in their own hearts,
like ships looking for calm water
after plundering our better selves.
Oh what a mess we were!
And what a time it was to be alive!