Book Submission

Children of the Broken Moon

M. Andrew Jones

!@# S. C@*()_ Avenue

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Children of the Fallen Moon tells of the long arduous journey of a wealthy nobleman as he tracks a thief into dangerous territory. It starts with an assassination attempt as several of the duke's guard prove traitor. After escaping the attack, our duke trudges through foreign land, pursued by his enemies, and has many scrapes with death. He also makes a few friends – though he is eventually still captured and sentenced to die. Will his friends save him in time? Of course they will. There are still two books to go (both planned and plotted – but the second one is beginning to show some high polish – I've been working on the series nearly seven years now).

Children of the Fallen Moon is an epic high fantasy in the finest pulp tradition with a large cast and a complex storyline. Though the nobleman anchors the story, he is often secondary to the action as the other characters take center stage and develop their own stories. This is not a YA novel – though I would have read it as a young adult myself. It's far more like the mass market stuff of the sixties, seventies, and eighties. It is my attempt to write a book good enough to sit next to the likes of Lord Foul's Bane, A Song of Ice and Fire, Stranger in a Strange Land, or Dune. Like these others, Children of the Broken Moon sometimes deals with adult themes and situations – but always for the sake of the story!

Although I feel I am a very good writer, self-publishing is a hard sell. Having a publisher behind me would certainly lend an air of legitimacy to my work. Recently, I've been promoting my short book about magic, language, spirituality, and esoterica by appearing on and advertising with podcasts. I've appeared on two so far and seen some interest from the listeners. I would love to do some more. I'm not on much social media though you can find me on twitter. I don't spend much time on it and don't really like it but will likely continue for now. I do have business cards that lead people to my website, and that's also generated some interest. I've considered doing readings at open mics and looking for ways to engage the general public. I've also considered going to comic and related conventions and trying cold approaches.

Thank you for your consideration.


M. Andrew Jones