The Book of Acad

1) For the world was good. Darkness concealed the formation of all, as life developed in the rich waters. All things were internal, and there was nothing but god.

2) And the waters stretched and spilled across the hill, and god found himself in a new world of air, with other gods all around. And all the gods were not equal as some were turned to wickedness and strife.

3) These false gods stood on their hands with feet in the air, and spoke thus, "You will see, the world is difficult and cruel. I am a reflection of the world, and I will be cruel and difficult in the way of nature."

4) Yet others spoke, "The world is not completed, and we are to be the agents of change. We are to bring love and understanding to the difficulties, that we may transform this hill to haven." And these gods did not cause strife, or seek to cheat others.

5) And the world reflected the good intentions of the righteous, and they were blessed in their nature. And world reflected the intentions of the wicked, and they were cursed and suffered as was their due.

6) And the wicked and froward spoke, "Why is our brother blessed when we work as hard as he? Do we not deserve milk and honey that we too can be strong?"

7) And the wicked descended upon the righteous with their swords, and they took all from the righteous, yea, even their lives.

8) And as the righteous died, they called out, "Is our pain and suffering to add to the world? Is our work not enough to save us the troubles of our small sins? For who can be saved if The Lord demands perfection?"

9) And as they perished, The Lord of All gathered the souls of his righteous, and said to them, "Yea, perfection is granted, not earned. And I am with you always, for you have sought me. Yea, in your hour of greatest need, you are returned to me, and all that I have is yours."

10) And the righteous were given succor and made strong, for theirs was the bounty of The Lord, which is all that is in haven.

11) But The Lord would not have them stay in haven, so he spoke to the righteous, "Will you to return to your wicked brethren, and live in peace with them, that you might teach them of me? For without you, they are lost and shall have great difficulty returning to haven.

12) The righteous called back to The Lord and said to him, "Do not send us, for they have killed us and will kill us again if we return. Yea, they will kill us again and again as it serves their wicked purpose."

13) Yet The Lord assured them, "In my ways, I shall make you safe. Though some of you will perish and not be saved, many will be saved, and among my fallen children more will be saved. In this way, we make increase."

14) And the righteous called back to The Lord with heads high and hearts full, "We will go unto our brothers and sisters, and we will make love to them, even as they fight us, that they might remember The Lord of All.

15) "And though it is a hard road, we shall bare the suffering of the material world, that we may save our siblings, for this is a thing of beauty."

16) And The Lord smiled upon his first children, and spoke, "I shall take all knowledge and understanding from you, as faith is the only road to haven. But I will give you signs, yeah, even the fingers of your hands will be all that you need to return to me."

17) And the righteous were returned to the wicked world, but not as brothers and sisters, that the wicked might fall upon them with swords, and steal all that they have. But in the Lord's wisdom he sent them as the sons and daughters of the wicked, and in them, they carried the evil seeds of their parents. And as their hearts pulsed with love, yea, they raged with wickedness, for the road home was fraught with all the evils of the world.

18) And The Lord granted these sons and daughters signs to cypher and decipher the meaning of the things, that they might know, and to name, and to keep the names sacred. Yea, and the righteous children set upon this task and brought forth records for themselves, and all about them, as they were likely to forget.

19) Yea, and The Lord gave them signs in haven to study. And the first of these signs is the Sun, which stands in the center. For without the center, the whole cannot be explored. Each man must be the center, and know that it is the heat of the heart that drives each of him, as the flash of intuition ignites his ambitions.

20) And in the dark night, The Lord gave man the moons, and he gave them two that the second of signs would not be mistaken. And the moons gripped man's mind, that man might know the troubles of his heart. And with his mind, man was to choose which voice to follow. Would he follow the light of the white moon, or the light of the red?

21) That man might know from their core, The Lord gave men their instinct. For the third is the circle and trine, lending balance to all that understand. And in haven, The Lord placed three inferior planets to drive men's appetites for food, treasure, and sex. And the balance was achieved, that the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects might make hill into haven, if only the thoughts, words, and actions of man are pure.

22) And the work before man was great. That he might be saved, The Lord placed four superior planets in haven, and emotion spilled forth from the elements and mixed as water to drown the sorrow and torment of the unrighteous that cannot draw a square. And though they see only pain and death, they return again and again in hopes that one day they might remember themselves, for the path to haven lies inward.

23) And beyond the superior planets, The Lord placed stars beyond count. And the righteous know that each man is like a star, even as grains of sand upon the beach, or drops in the ocean.

24) Yet, many were lost in strife, and sullen, for above all is choice. And those that hardened their hearts said, "The world is difficult, and there is not enough for us all. I would not be lost from this world, for I know no other. And so I must rob and trick that I do not perish." Thus, the pain and suffering of this world continued, wrought by men that were meant to make hill into haven.

25) Though some fell away, the righteous endured. Some were saved, and some were lost, and none could tell if the balance did shift. Even among the righteous, there was question. Was the Lord strong enough to save them all? Would he take too long? Would creation fall apart?

26) But the righteous believed, and strived to save the backward and upside down. For they were all brothers and sisters. They were all sons and daughters.

27) But the wicked saw it not as they stole and killed. 

28) "We cannot make them see," the righteous lamented. "The wicked wallow in fear, and they delight in their iniquity. Before we can give, they taketh, and our blood is spilled again. We are removed, and they are not saved. Yea, and more of us have been lost," they complained unto The Lord.

29) The Lord replied, "Do you not see these. For many have repented, and they are with us.

30) "And now, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, you shall return to the hill once more as nephews, nieces, and cousins. For my patience is matched only by my jealousy, as both are infinite, for I will see all returned to me, as all is mine. And at the last day, I would give the devil his due, and it is nothing. For the night passeth and take only the darkness with it, and the day and all it reveals is mine.

31) "Yea, is it not so? As my true sons and daughters, you know my ways. So I beg you again, shall you teach the fallen and froward?

32) "And as reward, I shall make thee great. Yea, I gave wings unto serpents, that they might be birds and fly above hill. And if I grant wings to serpents that they might be birds, will I not grant wings to men that they might be angles?"

33) And a mighty cry went up from the righteous, and they spoke with their own voice, "Yea, we see the truth of your claims, and we shall return yet again. Send us to our aunts and our uncles and our extending families, that we can do thy bidding, and show them all the way to haven."

34) And the brothers and sisters and sons and daughters returned as nephews and nieces and cousins. And some among them were granted wings and powers and great knowledge of The Lord's ways. For many of the fallen and froward became as demons and took such pleasure in grief and destruction.

35) And the cycle of righteous and wicked continued. And the simple was made complicated, that it might be made simple once more.

36) Among men, great ones came called prophets, and they spoke saying, "Do you not see The Lord in all things? For the world is illusion, a mere reflection of what is. The true sight is within, not without."

37) And among the confused, tyrants arose, and spoke with forked tongues. And there words are not to be heard, as they are nothing but lies and omissions of convenience to foster obedience and confusion among others. The tyrants did not want others to do as they did, for theirs was the false light that distracts and conceals a thing. And these tyrants would have men injure themselves for the sake of the tyrant, and bound them into slavery and taught them nothing but lies.

38) And against The Lord they wrote all manner of deceptions. But their lies crumbled to dust and are forgotten, as they are worth nothing.

39) And universe expanded and contracted, that it might expand once more. And The Lord sat upon his throne and answered those that asked, and succored those that suffered.

40) For The Lord was jealous of each and every brother and sister, son and daughter, nephew, niece and cousin, and no matter how far he had to stretch the hills and havens, He continued to do so until all were returned.

41) For all the pieces of this great game are his, yea, light and dark, and even the board upon which the game is played belongs to The Lord. For he is the master of all. For there is nothing that is not.

42) Yea, know all extends from the center, and the center is the heart. And know that The Lord resides in the heart of each man. Know also that we are all brothers and sisters, and it is for all of us to make haven of this hill.

43) And in the last day, we shall be with The Lord as promised. For the last day cometh, and we shall know it as haven. Amen.