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Introduction - My 5ense

Hello and welcome to mandrewjones.com! The Last Journeys Of Creigal berDuvante is an epic high fantasy trilogy made up of Fallen Children of the Mother Moon, A Bit of Holiday, and The Dreadlord Lasitus! Starting next week, I will release a chapter of the first book every two weeks until it is complete! There are twenty chapters, and so the last chapter will be released sometime in November (if everything goes as planned...)!

Once the first book is fully released, we will see where things stand. Adjustments may be necessary, but I promise to continue writing for you, so long as you support me. I am currently about halfway through writing the second book and have a rough outline for the third. I plan to publish the second book the moment it is ready, and not a moment before! Still, I want to start releasing. Here are my reasons:

- I can use some encouragement. I've spent too much time in a world no one else has seen, and I need to know I'm not wasting my time.

- I feel the first book is ready. It is not perfect. It has some flaws. But it deserves a life of its own. I believe it shall find an avid audience. I see the same potential for the second and third books.

- I would love to make this my day job - or even just a paying hobby. I think my work is good enough to compete in the "marketplace of ideas" and I'd prefer to engage in my own way. If I can bypass the agents, managers, publishers, et al, and take my product straight to the consumer, I'd love to do that instead. It won't take much. I tend to be thrifty. Who knows? Maybe I can finish the series quicker with some proper encouragement!

I do not want to go two weeks between posts, and so the weeks I am not publishing new chapters, I will post something else. Something short or old, that won't take much attention from my main task. Something like this introduction... Have no fear, Creigal berDuvante is my first assignment and will dominate my hours writing! Yet there are so many other things I wish to talk about! And that is what My 5ense will be! It will be what I publish on the side: a collection of short fiction, true stories, opinions, reviews, and other love letters!

M. Andrew Jones

P.S. Next week begins the The Last Journeys of Creigal berDuvante, book 1: Children of the Mother Moon, with our first chapter: Thunder Maker!