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My book, The Story of Number, is now available on Lulu.com! An exploration of various religious themes, set in a numerical framework; this book is a poetic and philosophic examination of language, religion, magic, and the occult that aims to prove you are at the center of everything. What sort of proof, you might ask? The kind provided by very basic math! At 64 pages short, it is a quick read — though I do recommend reading it slowly, playing with the numbers, and even skipping around. If you should like to have a look at the introduction, you can find it here!

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M. Andrew Jones

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If you should like a signed copy, I can do that too, since I have some physical copies in my possession. It is $20* for a signed copy. I also have a few of the original covers left. They are $30* (for now) and shall also be signed. If you would like one of these options, contact me.

*these prices only apply to the good ol’ US of A, because shipping internationally is expensive. =*(

copies sold so far: 192 (as of December 31, 2018)